Thursday, February 25, 2010

Don't take yourself too seriously

We interrupt this normally deep and serious string of blog posts for an amusing anecdote:

I've been starting to help with the recruit class for the latest group of rookies. I got my instructor I certification recently, and I've been wanting to put it to use, so what better way than to volunteer to assist with recruit class in my free-time, right?

Well, the officer in charge paired me with my old instructor from back when I was in the rookie program to act as his assistant instructor for the day when we were teaching SCBA donning and emergency techniques. After watching the old man work with the first couple crews that came through the class, I got a chance to take over and show what I could do with my own group of recruits.

Trying to be as serious and authoritative as possible, I carefully went through the parts-and-components lecture, and orchestrated some practice donning the SCBAs. Great so far.

Preparing to go outside and start our confidence maze, I addressed the crew:

"Are you getting this? Everything making sense?"

Nods all around the room.

"Ok, gear up! We're going outside to do this for weal."

Blank stares, then smiles. Damn it. You can't sound tough when you replace an "R" with a "W".

There was my old instructor at the back of the room, doubled up and shoulders shaking in silent laughter.

"That was my encouraging voice, you won't hear it again", I said, trying to shake it off and recover gracefully.

Oh well, no sense in taking yourself TOO seriously.

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