Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Ever since my interview with the Fire District, I've been going to the gym regularly trying to get myself in better shape before training. In the course of that preparation, I came upon Crossfit on the web as a strong circuit-training program that could help me improve my overall health. 1 month in, and I'm a believer.

Crossfit gives you a different workout on their blog every day (1 out of 4 is just a "Rest Day", 3 on 1 off), and they are specifically designed not to get you into a routine. Some focus on strength, some on stamina, some on cardio-endurance, and you never get bored because you never know what's coming up next. Also, there's a large community behind the program that's more encouraging than competitive (the idea being that you're "competing with yourself"), and that makes it fun to push yourself a little bit.

Is fitness important for a firefighter? Let me put it this way: the cause of over 50% of all line-of-duty deaths is cardio-related. High-stress, lots of adrenaline spikes, combined with a life-style that may have more than average junk-food (it's a group of mostly guys living together, what do you expect?), your heart takes a beating. What's the best way to keep your heart healthy? Good food, and good exercise (So I've also been eating a lot of fruits and veggies, a habit I hope to continue throughout my life).

Anyway, recruit class is coming up fast, but now I feel ready at least for the physical component of it.

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