Monday, December 22, 2008

Time to Branch Out

I've been blogging for almost a year now over at CodeClimber, and I've found it to be a really great way to keep track of my progress as a software developer, to remember things I might otherwise forget, to help me work out my thoughts on a variety of subjects, and to share important/interesting information with others. The only problem is that my writing on CodeClimber has only been related to the software/technology portion of my life. I guess that's not really a PROBLEM, per se. After all, many of my readers probably are only interested in me insofar as whatever technical tips and experiences I have to offer. However, there are other things I want to write about, so I'm starting in a new direction here on Fire-Able. To be specific, I'm in the process of trying to join the local fire department, and I'm planning on using this blog as an outlet to catalog my experience throughout the process of attempting to become a volunteer firefighter. If that's something that interests you, subscribe to my RSS feed! Here's looking forward to a new volume of writing and a new life experience.

(By the way, you might be asking yourself, "Why 'Fire-Able'? Was that the best blog name he could come up with?". The answer to your question is no, I had like 15 other better titles that were already taken:,,,, etc).

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